Friday, 30 May 2014

New Girl In The City...

Mumbai....'The City Of Dreams' as it is commonly called houses many outsiders. Many youngsters come here every day with the hope of fulfilling their dreams.
As my title says New Girl In The City... Here's a beautiful article from a new girl in this city of dreams...
"Like thousands of people I too came to Mumbai with many hopes in mind, little cash in pocket and a bag of clothes in hand.. :) 
I came here to become a writer so when my boss told me to write this article I was thrilled! I couldn't understand what I can write about this city which you don't know? Just before one day of submitting this article I tore it out because whatever I wrote, I felt something was missing. So I sat back and went to the day I came to this city for the first time. What was the thing which made me fall in love with it? And I was that person who made this city lovable for me. I met him on the night I came here and from that day he has been a great friend, companion, guide. All my best moments in these two months here have been with him. Had I not met him then designing my home wouldn't have been so much fun. The late night chai would not have been so much comforting if he wouldn't have been there to share it with me. And I understood...He is the special person who made this city so special for me.
We all have dreams to fulfill but just sit back for a minute and think who is the person who makes the journey of fulfilling dreams worth the ride? You never know just like me, you too may get that special person!!!"

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Expect or Accept???

Almost in every situation you have to decide whether to expect or accept. Some of you may say that just accept what life gives you and live happily and some of you may say whats wrong in expecting a little bit more? This is not a fight between two people having different opinions but actually it is a fight going on inside you....between your brain and your mind. Your brain always tells you that accept what you get but your mind doesn't agree. Your mind always says you can get even better.
This fight goes on from little things like choosing a job to choosing a life partner. Even when you get pretty well salary from your job your mind expects more... Your mind tells you that if you are getting this much then you can get even more which is totally against your brain because your brain tells you that your salary is pretty decent. So some people listen to their mind and start searching for new job here comes Instability. But the fight doesn't end here. Again after some days you feel like finding another job with even more salary and it goes on.... Same happens while choosing a life partner. When you find a person with some good as well as some bad qualities, your brain says its OK but your mind wants more...Your mind wants some one perfect.
So now the real question is when to stop expecting and start accepting??? At some point or the other you have to stop expecting because Common real!!! ... Is it really possible to get a perfect life partner without any flaws?? Or a perfect job paying the highest salary? NOOO! Its impossible! No one in this world is perfect.. neither you nor any other person. So if you are not perfect then how will you get a perfect life partner or a perfect job?? And you know what....your brain is quite aware of this fact but how to convince your mind about it? When will your mind stop expecting everything to be perfect?
Why not accept a job which gives you a healthy lifestyle? Why not accept a person with some flaws? Don't you thing this would help stabilize your life? Reduce the number of breakups and divorces? If you start accepting then that would lead to a happy life!!!
So sometimes JUST ACCEPT and BE HAPPY!!! :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Life Gives Us Another Reason To Smile….

It is amazing how every time we find a reason to be sad, life gives us another reason to smile!
There are so many reasons because of which we think our life is horrible, our life sucks or I wanna end my life, etc, etc. The moment you give up all the hope, that very moment arises a new hope for happiness. Whatever maybe your reason to be sad but you definitely get a reason to smile.
Life can’t be partial! If it gives you reason to cry, it will give you reasons to smile. It’s just that you have to find that reasons for yourself. Instead of losing hope try to find new reasons to smile. You cannot say that life has planned to give me only sorrows, pains, problems. You have to start finding the ray of hope because What you see in yourself is what you see in the world!!. You have to look for happiness in yourself then you can easily uproot all the problems from your life and walk towards the future full of happiness. And of course, if you try to find the biggest reasons for happiness then you won’t be even able to get the smallest reasons to cry.
You gotta remember one thing, life gives us million reasons to smile, we have to search for them and stay happy! 
If you are clever enough you can turn great troubles into little one and little reasons to smile into great happiness!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

What a Girl Really Wants . . . .

Many of my guy friends have this question in their mind . . . .What a Girl Really Wants????? So this one’s for all of them!
The answer is quite simple but till a guy understands it, it’s too late... Girls want lot of things but if you give it a thought you would realize the things don’t need much effort. Starting from the most important one . . . .
Every girl (be it a stud type one or a simple traditional one) wants someone who will treat her like his Princess. Reason???? . . . . . .Every girl wants to be treated as a Princess by her guy because since her birth her parents have treated her like one. And . . . . when some girls don't get this treatment at home, they even more desperately want their guy to treat them like a Princess. Today’s girls are independent and strong but when they go out with their guy they want him to realize that even if they are independent they are GIRLS. Girls really like guys to pull chairs for them or open doors for them. Girls want you to show them that you care . . . . . Girls want their guy to say “Whose ass am I kicking???” when they go crying to them.
Then, Gifts!!!! What you guys think is girls expect costly and fancy gifts from you but . . . .if a guy gives a girl just a rose but truly from his heart the girl would be equally happy. It’s not the cost of the gift what matters; it is the feelings behind the gift.
A girl also wants her guy to make her feel she is world’s most beautiful girl even if she is not. She wants other girls to get jealous of her instead of getting jealous of other girls. When she does silly things in public she wants you not to get embarrassed or ashamed. 
Girls really like to know that they were on your mind. She wants to get a text or a call from you unexpectedly.  
Doing these small things won’t matter much to you guys but for the girls, these things mean a lot. So . . . . if doing such things doesn't require much effort from you but still matter a lot to her then why not to do so????
Many guys would be thinking . . . . what would they get in return if they treat their girl in the same way??? I am sure that your girl would give you all the happiness she can! She would be there besides you even when you don’t need her actually. She won’t ever leave you alone. She would just hold your hand and make you realize that you are not alone. She would support you. She would make you realize how beautiful the world is!
So guys just try this once. Give your 1% effort and see what you get in return!!!!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Cocktail.....The Movie, The Drink!!!!

A few days ago I watched the movie cocktail. It has quite a good story line and I am sure it is already very popular between the teenagers. Many would also say that it is not at all good but for us-the teenagers it is somewhat similar to our life! We also go through the cocktail of emotions....friendship, hatred, love! Some would think I am like Veronica (Deepika Padukone), some would say I am similar to Meera (Diana Penty) and some might consider themselves similar to Gautam (Saif Ali Khan).
I would say....In every teenage girl there is something  like Veronica and Meera and every teenage boy is like Guatam! If somebody messes up with us we are the wild-cats (same as the character Veronica in the movie) but still we can be as sweet as Meera if somebody is nice to us. We girls at this point of life are Veronica but if you consider ourselves in some mid-twenties then we would be like Meera! We can change ourselves totally just to be with the guy we love and at the same time we can sacrifice our love for our friendship!
And for the guys, you people are always confused between two girls whether in teenage or in mid-twenties same as  Gautam!!! ;)
So now, I would say, life is so like Cocktail!! The mixture of thousands of emotions! There is something sweet as well as bitter and every individual finds the taste different!
Everybody should enjoy their share of the Cocktail!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

AHA……Finally the arrival of rainy season....The season which brings my childhood memories back.....The Season of Romance!!!

                The much awaited rain in Mumbai has finally arrived! I have heard from my parents that in their days of schooling rain would always touch Mumbai on 7th June. But now, due to pollution and all the adverse effects on our environment, rainy season is delayed! If our environment would have been free from global warming then we could have also experience rain exactly on the same day every year. If there was no global warming then our life would have been so beautiful!!! But hey, if you are thinking that I am going to talk about global warming then you are wrong!!! This rain today in Mumbai inspired me to write… write about the most romantic season…..RAINY SEASON!
Today, when I saw the rain splashing on my window I was taken aback to my childhood memories……I could see myself making the paper boats, I was with my best friend, we were holding umbrellas and trying to float our boats in the puddles near our house. There came the rickshaw and splashed water on our boats and then there was just paper and no boats! HEY COME BACK…..I know you must be remembering your childhood!!! I still remember how my grandma use to stop me from going out so that I don’t get wet but as every kid I used to love rain and I was unstoppable!!!
When in my childhood I used to wait for the rain, I used to sing the song…..
Yere Yere Pausa
Tula Dete Paisa,
Paisa Zala Khota
Ani Paus Aala Motha!!!!
I still love rain but as you know now the reason changes. Earlier the love for rain was just because of the fun we had in rain and now… is also because of romance! Now, as I returned from my memories I saw a couple getting drenched it this rain and here comes the feeling of romance. I bet, even if you are single you would be feeling the love in the air! I don’t know what is it in the rain that is so romantic but there is definitely something! Have you ever thought why does every romantic movie has atleast one shot in the rain? Why is the rain so full of romance? There is no particular answer to this but we all feel it. Hey, do you remember the song in rain in the movie Hum Tum? I am sure if you are a movie bluff like me you will sure do remember!!! It is one of the most romantic rainy songs ever!
It is such a beautiful song…..
Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara...
Dhiimii Sii Dharkan Ko Bharne Do Zara
Lamhon Kii Guzaarish Hai Yeh
Paas Aa Jaa'en
Hum Hum Tum
Tum Hum Tum….
With time everything changed……emotions, songs. But, only one thing remained the same and that is…..My Love…..My love for rain!!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

…….About A Middle Class Teenager!!!

                Our society is divided into three classes known to working class, middle class and upper class. Many people say that the life of working class people is the toughest but I think it is not totally true! Amongst the three classes I think a middle class person has the toughest life. It is absolutely true that the working class is subjected to most of the hard work in our society. The working class has the most physically challenging jobs and lifestyle as well but, if we think about the psychological condition then the middle class is subjected to the toughest of all…..
                Middle class people are so struck between the upper class and working class that their life becomes miserable. If an economical problem arises in a working class family then that’s not such a big issue for them as they are used to it. If such a problem arises in an upper class family then they overcome the problem easily. But, what about the middle class family? If they go through such a problem then they can’t either live the life of middle class or working class. As middle class, they can’t adjust to the working class lifestyle and they can’t even live their own lifestyle.
                There is a friend of mine from a middle class family and at this moment their family is going through some rough times. Even if her parents try to fulfill her every wish it is not so easy for her to live such a life. She was used to a middle class lifestyle and dreamt of living the upper class lifestyle but, life took such a turn that her family has to live life like working class. She just loves shopping, likes to hang out with us and also likes to see new places. Earlier she was the one planning about where to go and all the things in our group but now, because she doesn’t have money to do all this she just sits at home. She is not just unhappy because she has to change her lifestyle but it is also because she feels sorry for her parents. The maximum amount of physical pressure is on the working class but can anyone calculate the mental pressure on the middle class??? The pressure is not only when a middle class family goes through problems but also when they are living their normal life. When a middle class family is not having the economical problems there is this stress of trying to earn a healthy living like the upper class and if not that then at least not to lose money and become working class. When you are born in a middle class family you are taught to adjust with what you have but, as today’s teenagers we dream of living the life of upper class family and to achieve that in life again, we have stress. It is not just about lifestyle but there are also many other factors. If we think about the colleges then, the working class has many benefits of reduced fees. And, the huge amount of actual fees is not a problem for upper class but, the middle class is again suffering in this matter. Their income is not as much as the upper class but the amount of fees is the same for them. So, that is why I said middle class people have the toughest life!!!!
But, in spite of all the problems they are facing, my friend and her parents are trying their level best to adjust and also to regain the same life style. So, this is the spirit of middle class people. Hats Off to the spirit of middle class people!!!!!
                This is just my imagination and has no resemblance to any person.

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