Monday, 4 June 2012

The most desperate moment of today's tech savvy life....

Chatting with someone….
Asked a question and….
No reply!!!
Last received message before...... 1 minute..... 2 minutes....... 3 minutes….. 4 minutes.......  
5 minutes!!! 
Oh enough!!!! I can’t take it any more!!!
Log out!!!

                Today, I was chatting on Facebook with one of my school friends. We were having a great conversation about our lives. I asked her some question and she didn’t reply for exactly 5 minutes!!!!!OMG….That 5 minutes killed me and then I realized that many would have experienced this moment of desperation. So, this is how I came up with this topic to write the blog!!
                Most of the people I know, hate waiting (Including me). So definitely, waiting for someone to reply  to our message is tough. Actually, I get really very angry sometimes with my friends for doing that! I just can’t stand the people who are late. I don’t understand why do people reply late??? And if they are busy in some work why do they come to chat??? First of all they start the chat then, reply properly every time but just when you ask some important question they reply late…. THE MOMENT OF DESPERATION FOR THE OTHER PERSON!!!!  We all know how desperate we feel when the person you are chatting to doesn’t reply immediately to your question then, why???? Why to reply late??? Why to make the other person experience the desperation????
                It’s not like I experienced this desperation only today. I experience it every time I have chat with some friend and he/she replies late to my important questions! But, today first time I felt like it is a topic worth writing about….
                So….You also must be experiencing this most desperate moment…right?????

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