Friday, 22 June 2012

Thinking About Nothing In Particular And Still Thinking About Something…..

                Lately, I haven’t posted anything. The reason is not being unable to come up with something to write about but the reason is I was coming up with too many topics to write about. I would write at least 2 to 3 posts a day and at the end instead of posting it I would just save it and start writing something else. When I start writing about a topic I would feel it was the best thing I have ever written about but at the end I would feel it is not worth!
                Today, I was thinking why don’t I blog now-a-days??? Maybe I don’t have it in me anymore but suddenly it came to my mind that instead of thinking about a topic and then writing about it, I should first write and then think about the topic. So, here I am just writing what is coming to my mind and I even don’t know what I am actually writing about!!!
May be I can tell you all about my college….Just two days ago were the results of my second year in college and I scored really well. I am really happy that I scored so well but more than that I am happy because all my friends and most importantly my parents and other family members are so happy for me!!! On the next Monday our college is reopening and now I would be in 3rd year. I am very excited about it. Even if I have this is my last year in this college I am having the same feeling I had on the first day of 1st year! I have mixed feeling about this being my last year in this college. I am excited because I have heard from my seniors that the last year in the college is the most memorable. There is huge amount of happiness as after 1 year a new phase would be started in my life in the new college. But, above all I am sad because I have so much memories of this college which I would definitely miss when I leave this college. I still remember my first day to college, my first friend in this college, my first punishment and many first incidents in this college! The best part of college life is FRIENDS and I have had the experience of both good as well as bad friends but I have also got some true friends and they make my college life more special. This college has given many bad memories also but, in spite of them……I love my college and I know all youngsters reading this post would be thinking about their college and all the other people who have completed college would be missing their colleges.
 Now, after writing so many things I have thought about the title of this post. I was not thinking about anything in particular but there was something on my mind to share with you all. This was just a small piece of my life and thanks for reading it.
I promise next time I would write about a much more exciting topic!

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