Friday, 8 June 2012

Grandparents....JOKERS in our and our parents' life!!!!

Today, I was talking to one of my uncles about my blogs and he then asked me whether I would write on the topic which he tells me. I told him that I would definitely write if I find it interesting. He just told me “Grandparents are jokers”! I know you must be feeling what a pathetic thought! Don’t worry I too gave the same reaction and so did my grandma who was sitting beside me when my uncle was talking about it  but as I heard further about it, it touched my heart and at that very moment I decided I will write about it. Trust me guys, it is absolutely true…..Our grandparents ARE jokers!
When I say jokers, you must be thinking of the ones in the circus. But, at this moment I am not talking about them. We usually play cards and their is a game called rummy…remember? So, in rummy we use a card as JOKER. That card can be used to complete any sequence and can be adjusted as per our need. In the same way, if the sequences are considered as our parents and uncle or aunts then our grandparents act as the joker or trump card. They are used whenever a sequence needs to be completed, whenever our parents need their help this help is given by our grandparents as the joker. The joker is used by one sequence and when some other sequence needs it then it gets easily adjusted with some other sequence. In today’s rapidly growing life, our parents need their parents help in some or the other way and same as the joker our grandparents are always ready to help and easily complete our parents’ life. So, aren’t our grandparents actually like jokers in rummy???
Now, you must be wondering about how are they jokers for us…right?? So, for us, they are like the JOKERS in the circus. They make us smile, they entertain us and they do not discriminate between their audiences. Their only job is to entertain their audience. In short, their only job is to entertain us- their grandchildren in any way possible! They forget about their pain, their worries, their problems and stick a smile to their face just to make us smile. They get happiness in our happiness. There are many of us who must have been with their grandparents more than their parents as our parents go for job and so we feel a lot of attachment to them. But, even if you have not been with your grandparents for a long time then too you must be feeling the same attachment. My grandmas and grandpas just forget about their pains and illness when they see me and my cousins. My grandma is 80 years but she still plays cricket with my youngest cousin. She has many health problems but they are not at all important to her when she has to do something for us. I know this is not the only case; your grandparents’ case must also be the same. So, aren’t our grandparents like the jokers in circus???
After thinking about it deeply I felt a real amount of gratitude for my grandparents. Through this blog I want to thank my grandparents as well as all other grandparents in this world for being a joker in our and our parents’ lives. I would also thank my uncle for giving such a stupendous idea to write about.


  1. Very well written. The jokers in your life have been friends, philosophers & guides to us parents when they were young & we were kids. A salute to all grandparents!

  2. When I read your post, I feel I miss my grand parents. Except my dad's mom, rest of my grandparents are in heaven blessing me invisibly. Thanks for sharing :)

    village girl

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